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路遥知马力 日久见品质
路遥知马力 日久见品质
威宝皮革 色式俱全 总有一款适合您
威宝皮革 色式俱全 总有一款适合您
创新 时尚 流行
创新 时尚 流行
Summer maintenance sofa: leather furniture, wipe with a cloth ground2011-7-20 9:43:26
Instant summer arrival of heatstroke in the sun do the work, when you think of your home sofa also need to heatstroke it? Let us do the summer maintenance of homework to do right sofa.
Green leather surface delamination problem2011-7-20 9:43:26
Skin that is environmentally friendly PU, in damp, moldy after water, cracking, or even peeled off. This is the performance of their products with the PU and the production process can be said of the inevitable.
Imitation leather customized problem2011-7-20 9:42:39
Customers need to provide tailor-made leather at least A4 size model, at least from the quantitative to 500 yards, the normal shipping period is 8 days, the production cycle may be extended season to 12 days or longer.
Quality problem2011-7-20 9:42:13
If our products exist to provide quality problems, not cutting, guests can receive the goods within seven days of a request, I will give the Secretary accepted, the customer will be deemed overdue Our ​​products have been confirmed.
When the bulk purchase of leather cut problem2011-7-20 9:41:48
Our products are generally at 30 and 50 yards a packaging, different products are different. The customer sometimes only need less than one or more but there is a fraction of the whole situation, all at a fraction of scattered cut prices.
Sum payment and shipping problems2011-7-20 9:41:21
Provinces do not accept on behalf of our clients receiving services, operational processes: pass orders to our customers, our company will provide a bank account, the money hit the bank account and fax reprint, our verification arrangements for delivery.
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